Thursday, November 22, 2012

Portfolio and What Have You

After failing to get pass the portfolio review last semester I've been working harder to put together a portfolio for the Fall semester and after all that I finally passed review. Yay~ So excited.  Now to wait and pass the sketch book review. That should be fun.

Over the summer I was also working on a side project with my archery buddies.  We are working on an adventure story with some illustrations and fleshed out character and landscape designs. It's been going slow when classes started, but hopefully we all can get together soon and finish up some loose ends for character development and one of the cities.

Another project that I'm helping out with is an animation project with several fellow A/I students.  So far we are working on reference gathering.  The animation is centered around a young viking with the theme, "a hero's journey" and a added factor of his fear of water.  Pretty ironic, but it should be an interesting add on.

I'm currently in the last stretch of the semester and hopefully I won't get too stressed out to the point where I'm fried once the semester ends. I have two illustration projects, one term paper, a dance final,  a 1-2 min monologue, and two more critique related papers to finish up.  Doesn't sound like much, but there's only 3 weeks left in the semester. Crunch time!

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